Losari Coffee Plantation – Indonesia

Losari Coffee Plantation

Coffee Plantation Resort & Spa – is devoted to a new way of travel that broadens the way we perceive the world and ourselves. It is about living in the moment, creating unforgettable experiences and about exploring the nature and culture of Central Java in an authentic way. We are committed to protecting and preserving the natural and culture environments of the place visited and also in the way we operate the resort. The hotel assures hospitable refuge inviting to enjoy the freedom and security. More than a home, the resort is an experience, an open balcony toward surrounding beauty. Each room has marvelous wood and tiles accents, fabulous lines, custom designed furnishing, spectacular views and unique antique pieces. Our Team Motto is Authenticity, Simplicity and Refinement. Our luxury is based on nature sense of space created by the Javanese architecture, organic food grown in our biological gardens.


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